Our informative emails are of very high importance for you as a trader, and you may be missing our emails- if you didn’t change your Gmail settings!

You may have noticed the latest changes Google implemented to their email service- Gmail. Following the new update, Gmail now automatically filters your emails in “primary”, “social” and “promotions” tabs, which means that our emails might be automatically forwarded to your “promotions” tab!

In order to have our emails back in your primary inbox, simply:

1.Locate one of our emails in the ‘promotions’ tab (Click “view images” if you can’t see a screen shot here)
2.Drag the email you found to the ‘primary’ tab
3.Gmail will then ask you if you would like all our emails in your primary inbox- click yes!

If you didn’t find our emails in the promotions tab, simply type “OptionBit” in the search box and drag it from there.

By the way, if you’d like to dismiss these tabs all entirely- click “settings”, then “inbox” and uncheck all tabs! Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.