Introducing new Trading Tools: Dynamic Payout & Super-Turbo Options

We are happy to announce two new exciting trading tools on the OptionBit Trading Platform; Dynamic Payout & Super-Turbo Options.



The Dynamic Payout feature provides traders with the possibility to change their payout (return) according to offered loss ratios prior to initializing a trade. The trader is able to create a different perfect combination of possible return/loss on every single trade. All combinations are pre-defined and pre-calculated. There is one standard ratio and four additional combinations the trader can choose from. The main principle is that the distance between the levels in each combination is set at 5%. The possible return on loss levels are: 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.
This new feature is available only on Digital Options trading and is designed to provide traders with a better understanding of the risks they take and the possible return they can get for taking such risks. 


Dynamic Payout




Exciting new type of options, Super Turbo Options, allows traders to trade within 45, 30 seconds’ time frame. The new Super-Turbo feature is a trading tool that offers you even shorter time frames for your  trades, with a 30/45 seconds’ time frame that are being added to the existing 60/120/300 seconds’ time frame. It allows you to enjoy the shortest/quickest options that are available today. Using this feature is no different than using the classic trading mode. You select the asset of your choice, the time frame, and specify your trade amount. 


superturbo - correct